Sail Telltales

Name Value
Color Red
Material Wool
Quantity Included Set of 14


Simple—and time-tested—solution to sail trim.

Thousands of dollars of electronics cannot tell you your sails are trimmed for maximum efficiency, but an 8" length of yarn can. Positioned at key points on the sail, these Red and Green telltales give sailors instant feedback indicating air flow. These double strand wool telltales resist sticking and will not hold a crease. Ideal on the headsail for pointing, they can also be applied aft of the luff and at the battens on the main to monitor trim settings and quickly compensate for changes in wind direction or intensity. Each pack includes 14 telltales and adhesive discs to secure the telltale and is enough for the main and one headsail. While there is a place for electronics, properly trimmed sails get you to point B faster and nothing shows sailors how the wind is flowing over the sails better than simple telltales.

Key Features

  • Simple solution to aid sail trim
  • Double stranded wool that resists creasing and sticking
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal on the headsail to indicate best possible pointing angle
  • Includes 7 Red and 7 Green telltales with adhesive discs for installation (enough for the main and one headsail)
  • Detailed instructions guide your to position telltales in optimum locations on the sail

WEST MARINE Sail Telltales


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