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Whether you want your new Thistle rigged and ready to go or blank so you can diligently place every piece of hardware, Beacon Composites can deliver your ideal boat.

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Beacon Rigging

Order the Beacon rigging package to get the tried-and-true standard Thistle rigging with Harken and Ronstan hardware. It also comes with mast, boom, rudder, and center board.

I’m 100% satisfied with the construction of 4052.  Alex made some great modifications to the GMW design, for one he eliminated the centerboard tank that came back from the bow tank.  So now the bow tank is just a bow tank, and the centerboard structure is more simplified and stronger.  The woodwork is excellent and the quality of the fiberglass joints is outstanding.  All in all, I could not be more pleased with the boat.

Fred Hunger,

Owner of 4052



Rig any way you choose with the bare hull package.


The bare hull comes with this essential hardware installed:

  • Mast step (tapered)

  • Bow plate

  • Shroud plates (2)

  • Centerboard nose plate

  • Automatic bailers (2)

  • Gudgeons (2)

  • Tensioning lever

  • Keel strip


A bare hull does not include spars or blades.


Bare Hull
Custom Rigging

Pricing Upon Request

Want to design your own? Alex is happy to consult with you on the specifics and cost of your custom rigging package.

Check out our interactive tool and answer a few easy questions so we can work with you to design your perfect Beacon Composites Thistle.

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